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Quality Meat Since 1935
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Laxson Co
Laxson and Alamo Brand Meats
Barbacoa (Beef, Seasoned and South Texas), Chorizo (Pork or Beef), Carne Guisada (Shredded or Chunky), Picadillo with Potatoes, Pork Breakfast Sausage, Cervelat (Summer Sausage), Bratwurst, Alamo Polish Sausage (Links, Hot, Rope and Jalapeno), Smoked Sausage Links, German Schaefer Sausage
The Laxson Company Products
Sausage, Barbacoa, Chorizo, Carne Guisada and more! We take pride in our selection of quality food. All of the meats and cheese we offer are from trusted brands.

We provide a variety of products including:
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Laxson and Alamo Brand Meats
Wholesale Meats
Say Cheese!
Bacon, Ham, Bulk Pork, Beef & more...
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Cheese, Spices and more...
American Cheese | Colby Cheddar | Colby Jack | Diced | EZ Melt | Longhorn | Monterrey Jack | Mozzarella | Pepper Cheese | Shreaded Cheese | Sliced Cheese | Swiss | Black Pepper | Camino | Cayenne Pepper | Cure | Paprika | Chorizo Seasoning | Sausage Seasoning | Pork Casings
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